SOLVV vs. Clubhouse

Discover the Benefits of the Newest Short-form Audio App

What is Clubhouse?

For those of you who are new to the world of short-form audio, Clubhouse is a social audio app launched in April 2020. Users create “Clubs” based around interests and chat rooms either based on those same interests or even more specific topics or questions.

What is SOLVV?

SOLVV is the latest audio platform to launch online and (shortly) as a mobile app. Whereas Clubhouse promotes live social audio, SOLVV is a social podcasting app that emphasizes focused, diverse conversations in a podcast format.

SOLVV vs. Clubhouse: Which is Better for Creators and Listeners?

A recent survey conducted by HubSpot asked listeners which audio activities they prefer: listening to podcasts, listening to chats on Clubhouse, or neither. Seventy-five percent of participants prefer podcasts or neither over time spent on Clubhouse.

“[SOLVV] sounds like a dream come true: an interactive podcast of experts on precisely the topics you want to learn about, with YOU inserted as a participant. All in 15 snackable minutes. Bright idea! Bright future!”

The beauty of social podcasts with SOLVV is that they don’t allow one voice to dominate, but instead invite diversity through panel discussions that are timed to allow everyone an opportunity to speak. Where Clubhouse rooms and clubs can invite competition, SOLVV social podcasts encourage community, diversity, and healthy interaction.

Stop Selling, Start Solvving

While Clubhouse certainly provides a unique avenue for creators to promote their ideas in a live drop-in audio format, it leaves both creators and listeners wanting. Why? Creators still have to sell themselves like they do on social media — and listeners are kept from building real connections as competition pushes the loudest, most popular voice to the top of the room.



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