A New Way to Podcast: Introducing SOLVV’s On-demand Social Podcasting App

In 1979, the Buggles popularized the idea (and the song) that “Video Killed the Radio Star.” While they put the blame squarely on the VCR — remember those? — in this decade, we have a new content battle raging.

The Uptrend in Podcasting

Video streaming, social media, video-sharing, blogging, podcasting — any media that is both digital and on-demand is growing in popularity. On-demand audio as a whole is growing at a fast clip, but podcasting audience growth is faster, outpacing even music streaming.

Can Podcasting Be Even Better?

According to Deloitte Insights, “People are finding it increasingly difficult to manage subscriptions, find the entertainment they’re looking for, and balance costs against their tolerance for advertising.” While this refers more directly to streaming services, the behavior reveals a trend that is also evident in other forms of on-demand entertainment consumption, including podcasting.

On-Demand Social Podcasting That Breaks Barriers

As podcasting, streaming, and drop-in audio platforms increase in popularity, we’re excited to introduce creators and listeners to something entirely unique.

All the Tools in One App

Ditch the pro-microphone, the editing software, and the hours of fine-tuning your audio. Everything you need to become a podcaster is built into the SOLVV platform.

Panel-based Podcasting

Instead of a single voice dominating, at SOLVV, every voice matters. Creators can host a Solvv by first asking a question and then inviting anywhere from two to four panelists to join the conversation.

Automated Panel Sourcing

Source your own panel of friends or colleagues, or let SOLVV automatically source a panel of diverse voices. Traditional podcasters are often restricted by their ability to source guest speakers that will draw attention to their podcasts.

Fifteen-Minute Episodes

Time is one of the biggest challenges faced by both podcast hosts and their listeners. Instead of one- and two-hour episodes, every Solvv is just 15 minutes. That’s 15 minutes to create a podcast, gain insight into a topic that interests you, learn something new, share your expertise, and grow as a human being. And if you love what you hear, follow Solvv hosts and panelists to discover what else they’re solvving.

Timed Speaker Segments

Other podcasting and drop-in audio platforms are easily dominated by the loudest voice in the “room.” Elevating the world around you, however, starts with creating space for others to speak.

Listener Interaction

Have you ever wanted to ask questions while listening to a podcast? Now you can. Solvv listeners can send in questions throughout the episode. Hosts can choose to leave time for listener questions toward the end of each Solvv.

Community Validated Insights

Creators everywhere are all too familiar with battling algorithms to get their content in front of the right audience. Listeners are equally challenged to sift through advertisements and money-based algorithms that drive the content they see or hear.

Sign Up For Free and Start Solvving

Whether you’re a creator, listener, or simply eager to try out something new, Solvv offers a completely new approach to podcasting, learning, and growing.

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